• Northx is a UX Design studio
    - A creative team that builds
    new startup companies

    We work with STARTUP COMPANIES to create UX web-portals and services,
    build their teams to scale them as independent companies. We focus on
    just a few projects at a time,creating new businesses that will
    improve people professional lives.


We Design Better Experiences For our Customers & Their Clients


Assist Startups

We help startup's to avoid common pitfalls in early-stages, and actively remove roadblocks.

Logo Designing

More than a Logo, we bring a brand to your business.


Ux Design

Good Design is great for Business

Head Hunting

We help growth-oriented companies meet their Resourcing needs that impact the future of their businesses.  We also enable staff through our trainings.

Technology Adoption Consulting

Our environment helps you to focus on building your Technology products.


Get Training on Technolgies that makes sense for your long run from our experts.